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Bounty Women
Database & Research

The database below contains the names of the bounty women on the following ships. The names have been standardized and alternative forms of spelling and other variations have not been included.  

The database has over 3,000 entries and may take a moment to load. Use the 'search' button at the top right to find names. For any queries, contact me.

Emigration Commission ships (1832)Red Rover and Princess Royal

London Emigration Committee ships (1833-1837)Amelia ThompsonBoadiceaBussorah MerchantCantonCharles KerrDavid ScottDuchess of Northumberland 1835 and 1836 voyages, James PattisonLady MacnaghtenLaytonSarahStrathfieldsaye and William Metcalfe.

For some women, I have vast amounts of information on their pre-emigration and emigration experiences, but for other women the information is very slim. I offer a research service to examine my files and write a Research Report based on the information I have found. I have another service to provide a transcription of archival records, where available:

Research Report: provides an outline of information gathered on each bounty woman:


Archival Transcription: transcription of records on individual women, obtained from various archives in England, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. A notation regarding this information will be noted on the Research Report. Archival Transcriptions are an additional $60.

To order a Research Report, click here.


Note that the database is best viewed and searched on a desktop computer rather than a mobile device. 

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