Bounty Emigration Ships

Emigration Commission Ships 1831-1832

In 1832, the Emigration Commission piloted female emigration to Australia by sending two ships, containing 400 young single women, to Sydney and Hobart to balance the male-dominated colonial societies.

London Emigration Committee Ships 1833-1836

Between 1833 and 1837, fourteen ships disembarked approximately 2,700 women at Sydney, Hobart and Launceston under the first scheme for female emigration between Great Britain and the Australian colonies. As Agent to the London Emigration Committee, John Marshall chartered these ships on their behalf. Several of the ships contained only female migrants, while the others contained family and single male migrants in addition to a large proportion of single females.

Note: Various spellings for some of the ships appear in the official documentation and secondary sources.

John Marshall's Bounty Emigration Ships 1821-1850 

Listed below are some ships which John Marshall chartered for passenger and emigrant traffic, sometimes filling the whole ship, while some ships in the latter years contained only a handful of Marshall bounty emigrants. Unless noted otherwise, Marshall did not own these ships.

John Marshall, of 26 Birchin Lane, Cornhill, was the most active colonial emigration agent before the formation of the Colonial Land and Emigration Commission in 1840.

KEY:  NSW – New South Wales  |  PPD – Port Phillip District (now Victoria)  |  VDL – Van Diemen’s Land (now Tasmania)

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The Bussorah Merchant was the first ship chartered by John Marshall for the London Emigration Committee

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