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Emigration Agents & Committees

John Marshall and James Denham Pinnock, assisted by government-appointed Emigration Agents at the major ports of Britain and Ireland, provided the link between the British government and the philanthropic committee of influential men who administered the details of female migration to Australia in the 1830s.

See Liz Rushen, "James Denham Pinnock a Gentleman in Society" Victorian Historical JournalVol 88, No. 2 November 2017, pp. 170-188. 

London Emigration Committee (1833-1836)

Edward Forster (Chair), Nadir Baxter, Charles Holte Bracebridge, Bishop William Grant Broughton, William Crawford, Capel Cure, Sir George Hampson, Samuel Hoare, Thomas Lewin, George Long, Charles Lushington, Sir (William) Edward Parry, Henry Walter Parker, Col. Charles Beaumont Phipps, Sir John Pirie, Capt. Daniel Pring, John Stuckey Reynolds, John Abel Smith, (Samuel) Henry Sterry and John Taylor.

Dublin Emigration Committee (1834-1836)

Richard Cane (Chair), Thomas Abbott, Thomas Black Cawood, Rev Matthew Flanagan, George French, James Scott Molloy, Daniel Porter, William Willans, Surgeon Thomas Wright.

Cork Emigration Committee (1832-1836)

Peter Besnard (Chair 1832), William Crawford (Chair 1834-1836), Robert Delacour Beamish, Rev George J.M. Brennan, Joseph King Cummins, Rev John Egan, Rev M. Horgan, Samuel Lane, Daniel Leahy, Rev John N. Lombard, Joseph Leycester, Rev Theobald Mathew, Daniel Meagher, James Murphy, Rev William O'Connor, Rev Michael B. O'Shea, Rev Dr Quarry, Rev Daniel P. Talvey, Robert Twiss, Lt Charles Friend RN, HM Agent for Emigration 


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Edward Forster, London Emigration Committee Chair

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