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John Marshall

Picture1 - Plymouth Emigration Depot.jpg

Remnant of Marshall’s Plymouth Emigration Depot, Baltic Wharf, Plymouth, 2014, Photographer Liz Rushen

John Marshall assisted thousands of people to migrate in the nineteenth century from Great Britain and Ireland to the British colonies of Australia, Canada, Cape Town, New Zealand and North America. Immigration was as controversial in the nineteenth century as it is today. This book tells the story of the most active emigration agent of the nineteenth-century, John Marshall, and the processes he developed to ensure a smooth process from departure at his emigration depot at Plymouth to arrival in the colonies.

Fig 7 - Delaford.jpg

Delaford, William John Huggins, c.1830, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, BNC3283

Marshall’s work also impacts the world today through Lloyd's Register of Shipping by instigating a review of the classification of ships and the merger of the red and green registers used by Lloyd’s shipowners and underwriters. This book explains how an unknown insurance broker from Yorkshire could rise to be a key player in London’s ship owning and merchant world of the early nineteenth century.

Hear Liz talk about John Marshall:

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